Dáithí O’Reilly

PositionLeft full-back / full-back

Name: David (Dáithí) O’Reilly

Height: 5’8″.

Date of Birth: 7th January 1977

Nickname: Dáithí

Preferred Playing Position: Corner Back

Medals Won: 1 U-14 league, 1 U-15 league, 1 minor league, 1 reserve league, division 2 league, 1 division 3 league, 1 division 4 league, 1 junior championship.

Toughest Opponent: Haven’t met one yet ( the one you underestimate).

Most Memorable Sporting Moment: Winning the junior championship

Favourite Food/Drink: Chicken / bottle of Miller

Favourite Film: Any Given Sunday

Britney Spears

Britney Spears

Favourite Artist/Band: U2

Who would be your dream date: Britney Spears with a shaved head.

Favourite Nightclub: Not allowed go there

Are you single or taken: Well taken

What do you do for fun: Swimming

Are you usually late, early or on time: On time (Never late for training).

Your Sporting Ambition for 2017: To win the intermediate championship.